Comprehensive Services
Tatsuguchi CPA provides a broad range of services that meet both the business and individual needs of many of our clients. Understanding the business operations as well as the personal situation of our clients allows us to provide a cohesive approach to meeting our clients’ accounting and tax needs.

Tax Return Preparation

  • Individual
    Generally, I focus my practice on individuals that own a business as a single-member LLC or a sole proprietorship and/or have rental properties.
  • Business
    Regular corporations, subchapter S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLC) with 2 or more owners.
  • Multi-State
    Individuals and businesses tax returns may also need to be filed for more than one state because of their income source or movement from one state to another in the same calendar year.
  • Foreign Investors/Investments in U.S.
    As you know, Hawaii is popular destination for foreign nationals. They either end up as residents, start businesses, purchase real estate of some combination of all three. There are US and Hawaii income tax issues that must be addressed. It’s not as simple as filing tax returns like US taxpayers. Basically, any time money earned or received in the US that goes outside of the US requires additional reporting and possible taxes as well.
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations
    Any organization that collects money in the US must generally file some sort of tax return. This includes many, but not all types non-profit organizations. The IRS doesn’t like tax-exempt status and so the tax return is complex. Basically, every year you have to prove the tax-exempt purpose by keeping proper records of the source of incoming funds (i.e., donations) and disbursements (where the money and why).

Other Related Services

  • Tax Advice & Planning
    Tatsuguchi CPA provides tax planning services to help you budget properly to pay for your taxes for the current or upcoming year.
  • Bookkeeping
    Tatsuguchi CPA offers full bookkeeping services (short of signing checks) as a basis to assist in tax planning and preparation of tax returns. This does not include compiled financial statements or review or audit services.
  • Payroll
    Services include providing paystubs, payment of Federal and Hawaii payroll taxes on your behalf, preparation of all necessary monthly, quarterly and annual payroll forms for employer’s signature. Maximum number of employees is 10 employees.